From a report on Miners' Housing.

At Adam's Row, about a quarter of a mile from Millerhill, the houses are tenanted by miners in the employment of the Niddrie Coal Company.

There are two rows of old houses, some of them uninhabited, and the remnant of an ancient square, which in its prolonged tussle with time has had greatly the worst of it, some of the houses being roofless, and others reduced to the foundations. No regular ashpit is erected and the village is in a very dirty state, the roadway in front and the garden ground behind being alike untidy. There is not a closet in the place, but a deposit of bricks near the end of the long row is the forerunner, I am told, of such outhouses.

For small room and kitchen houses the rent is 5s a-month, and for single apartments 3s 4d a-month.

They are poor houses, but not positively unhealthy. Two wells give a never-failing supply of good spring water.